Headshot Session Tips

Looking for a new headshot for modeling, acting or business? Here are a few Portrait and headshot session tips

Find a photographer whose work you like.

If you don’t love their work chances are you won’t like what they will give you.

Be prepared.

Is your hair the way you want it? Are you in the shape you want to be? Don’t rush your prep. A bad sunburn or haircut  cannot be fixed in Photoshop.

Do you have a photo you like? Bring it along. Let us know what sort of look you are after. Contemporary or formal or environmental?

Decide on the looks you want to show.

Bring or wear clothes that you look good in. If this headshot is for business, dress appropriately.

Decide what looks are your most effective and practice them. Modeling is acting. Feel confident about your ability to perform your looks consistently.

Relax and have fun.

You chose to model or act because it is a great deal of fun. Enjoy it and the natural, real you will reveal itself.

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